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Some Simple tips:


Understand your Lifestyle
Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I live in an apartment?

  • Am I going to go jogging with the pram?

  • Do I use public transport frequently?

  • Will I be using this pram for more children?

  • Will I need this pram for a toddler as well?


Answering these questions will start the process of what type of pram you will need.

Ask a specialist pram retailer for help. These retailers are trained to assist with getting the right pram.

Will the pram fit in my car boot?
Answer: Measure your boot. Ask a retailer to let you try a pram in your boot.
Remember to allow room in the boot for other items such as a portable cot; a nappy bag/ shopping etc.

Think who is going to use the pram.
Is the person capable for easily folding and unfolding the pram?
Is it easy to maneuver? Try it out in store to make sure it works for you.


Does it have adjustable handles? This helps when the people pushing the pram are different heights. You need a pram that is comfortable for you.

Will it take a bassinet? All newborns need a flat firm surface so a pram that fully reclines is essential. Not all prams can take a bassinet and you should only use bassinets recommended by the supplier of the pram.


Don't Overheat Your Baby

Applying Sunscreen

Products to Use Outdoors

Baby Safety Themes

Sleep Safety

Preparing for

Safety Around the House

Car Restraints

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