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Australian car restraints have strict mandatory safety standards and cannot be sold without complying to these standards. Using car restraints correctly is just as important as the safety of the product itself. If in doubt about installing the restraint seek advice from a qualified professional installer rather than run the risk of incorrect fitting. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when using the restraint and always  check that the restraint is buckled in before each use.

Never use a car restraint that has been involved in an accident as there maybe damage to the restraint caused from an accident, that isn’t always visible.


The safety standards are regularly updated so never use a car restraint over ten years old as they won’t be compliant to the latest safety standards.  


Only use a secondhand car restraint if you know the history of the product and you are certain that it hasn’t been dropped or involved in an accident.


Ensure you use a car restraint that correctly fits your car, reputable retailers have trained staff in this area so ask them for help in choosing the correct car restraint for your need.

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