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INPAA Representatives

Tim Wain – INPAA CEO

Tim has been involved in the nursery industry since 1998. He previously was the Executive Director of INPAA when it started as an Association. His leadership has been responsible for transitioning INPAA from a narrow-based industry Association to a broader stakeholder injury prevention industry body. This new INPAA is now more effective at bringing about change with representative members from all sectors of the nursery industry.

Tim is the Chair of the Standards Australia Committee for Childcare Activities. The work of this Committee involves developing standards for improving infant sleep safety. Australia was the first country to develop a standard for infant mattress firmness and is now leading the world with standards to reduce CO2 hazard for infants.

Tim was a co-author of the Product Safety Framework which was published as a Standards Australia handbook.


Rob Wise – Chair – INPAA Products Integrity & Consumer Safety Group

Rob is our go-to expert in consumer safety, compliance, and quality with a stellar reputation in the industry!  With a rich background spanning supplier, retailers, regulators, and a focus on injury prevention (shoutout to Kidsafe!), Rob is a true powerhouse in the nursery industry. His profound understanding of injury prevention and the supply chain which positions him as a key player in advancing infant safety standards.


But that's not all – Rob's influence extends beyond the everyday. As a co-author of the Product Safety Framework, a gem published as a Standards Australia handbook, he's been shaping the industry's safety landscape and experts over many years. Driven by a passion for education, Rob generously shares his wealth of knowledge, guiding newcomers in the industry and provides valued service and advice through his business, Compliance Wise Consulting.

Derek Wainohu – INPAA Representative on Standards Australia Committee CS085 Child Restraints


Jason Hsu – INPAA Representative on Standards Australia Committee CS018 Safety of Children’s Toys
Holly Brown – INPAA Communications


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