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What is a Baby Safety Month Program Partner?

Our Program Partners are organisations and companies who are leaders in the promotion of safety
within the nursery environment. These Partners are leading Not-for-Profit organisations such as
Kidsafe, Red Nose and the Georgina Josephine Foundation. They provide education and information
which contributes to reducing preventable injuries. Program Partners are also companies providing
products that are supplied with best practice safety in mind and who have a culture of ongoing
advancement in product safety.

INPAA gratefully acknowledges these partners for their support and leadership in contributing to the
industry wide safety information and making our Baby Safety Month possible.

INPAA is also collaborating at an international level with the USA Juvenile Products Manufacturers
Association (JPMA), The UK Baby Products Association (BPA) and the European Nursery Products
Confederation (ENPC), to make Baby Safety Month an international event. The sharing of ideas,
insights and learnings on a global basis gives us greater opportunities to reduce preventable injuries

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