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Why Become an INPAA Member

Regulatory standards
  • Maintain knowledge of relevant national and international standards for baby products.

  • Engage in the process of standards development.


Product Testing
  • Gain better understanding of product testing. Support to work out what is relevant to your business and products.

  • Improve knowledge of testing requirements.


  • Age Appropriateness.

  • Appreciation of what is appropriate for stages of infant development.


Product Recalls
  • Avoid costly recalls by learning how to have an effective preventable culture.

  • Support if a recall is required. Assistance in developing an effective recall plan.


Brand Integrity
  • By thoroughly understanding and addressing all parts of product safety, a baby brand can not only meet regulatory environments but also build.

  • A reputation for producing safe and trustworthy products.

  • Having product approved by INPAA gives consumers peace of mind that products are safe.


Need Help with Assessing the Safety of your Product?
  • INPAA helps members understand emerging safety issues and will assist in removing product hazards before expensive recalls are required.



Love To Dream

“When I designed Swaddle UP the first organisation I contacted was INPAA. I wanted to ensure I had created the safest possible product that exceeded all mandatory Australian standards. Tim was instrumental in this process then and continues to be 13 years on as we continue to extend our range offering. He is a fantastic sounding board around new product ideas and what considerations we should think about from a compliance and safety perspective. Tim’s advice is always commercially astute, highly strategic and covers all categories in the nursery industry.”


Hana Krawchuk

Founder, Love To Dream

The Amazing Baby Company

"The Amazing Baby Company has been partnered with Tim Wain and INPAA for almost 14 years. He has been instrumental in ensuring we deliver safe, compliant, innovative products to Australian families.

Selling safe products is paramount, but the maze of Australian safety standards and compliance requirements can be overwhelming. Tim has been able to help us navigate this process with ease and support.

Being a member of INPAA is important to our company not only for compliance but also to ensure we are up to date with regulations. The regular INPAA  meetings has allowed us to stay up to date and fully informed on Safety initiatives, emerging hazards and potential changes to regulations. It also gives an opportunity to connect with others within the baby industry. Meetings have been flexible and adapted to current changes by offering to attend either in person or via video. I would recommend every manufacturer, distributor or supplier of baby products be a member of INPAA."

Carrie Edwards-Britt

Managing Director, The Amazing Baby Company

Baby Loves Sleep

“Working with Tim over the years has enabled me to expand my knowledge of product safety beyond my own range of products. Tim's advice and guidance has been paramount in helping me improve my products to not only meet the mandatory AU/NZ Standards but to continually review and make improvements.

For brands launching new products, I can't recommend strongly enough the importance of ensuring your products meet safety standards."


Malou Villarreal

Founder, Baby Loves Sleep


“As a new comer to the baby industry, I have had great pleasure to find INPAA as a great resource in getting up to speed, not only for  my  area of interest but also the broader Australian market. It’s been a great eye opener to understand what actually happens behind the scenes. Tim has an extensive wealth of knowledge and is instrumental in pushing for the highest safety standards."


Chris Olufeso

Founder, Upzeez

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