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What does INPAA endorsement mean?

INPAA believes that safety regulations are about the minimum safety requirements and INPAA endorsed products are
about going above and beyond what is required to ensure baby safety.  No product can be endorsed unless the company
supplying the product is prepared to undergo independent assessment and commit to excellence in supply.


For retailers

INPAA’s aim is to get retailers to commit to having their own label products go through third party independent
assessment with the aim for all branded products to go through the same processes.


For manufacturers

To be an INPAA endorsed brand, the company must prove that they have gone above and beyond in terms of product safety. They also work as part of the Alliance and participate in the latest learnings on safety education.  Part of the requirements is to respond to any customer complaints (and if not INPAA will act as a watchdog which can help consumer confidence) thus creating a preventative culture to quickly reduce the risk of a product safety issue. 

Other INPAA members and partners

External members are part of the Alliance as they can raise issues that can then be used to improve feedback eg how can
manufacturers and retailers make things safer.  They inform INPAA of what damage is being done in the real world and this information is used to help prevent further injuries or deaths occurring.


Emergency physicians are a valuable resource as they can share back into the industry to prevent situations they encounter at work.  Organisations like KidSafe can assist with education as their aim is to make parents aware of how to use products


All these parties working together means that their combined knowledge, different perspectives, and passion for safety can assist in creating small but important changes eg improving instructions, guiding videos on how to use products safely and feeding information back into creating new safety standards or enhancing existing standards.

INPAA works closely with regulatory authorities, international affiliates, and industry members to improve infant safety. INPAA is a member of Standards Australia committees involving infants. These Standards committees include Childcare Articles, Prams, Cots, Dummies and Childrens furniture.

INPAA also has a close alliance with the American peak industry body, the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association
(JPMA) Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (​

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