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Welcome to INPAA

INPAA is committed to the promotion of infant safety. INPAA works closely with regulatory authorities, international affiliates and industry members to improve infant safety. 

This is achieved by raising awareness within the Australian nursery industry on the safe supply and use of products, advocacy of injury prevention strategies and the on-going promotion of the industry. 

Within the Australian Nursery Industry, INPAA is regarded as the leader in determining product requirements.  Where safety concerns are identified without Standards or Guidelines, new safety guidelines are developed.  INPAA provides advice to what guidelines and standards should be adopted.


INPAA has access through its membership to Australian’s leading product safety experts

INPAA is a privately operated organisation that has evolved following the closure of the Infant & Nursery Products Association of Australia. Its primary focus is to establish safety standards, injury prevention strategies and forums to promote the safe purchase and use of nursery products. The technical work undertaken by INPAA is carried out by the Product Integrity & Consumer Safety Group (PICS), a unique entity comprising the industry's leading technical experts.​

INPAA has a close alliance with the American peak industry body, the Juvenile Product Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA) Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (


For advice on implementing safety standards in product development, please contact us.


Membership is open to industry suppliers, retailers, manufacturers and service providers.

INPAA is a member of Standards Australia Committees that develop safety standards for nursery products.


INPAA Director | Tim Wain

Tim Wain, has been involved in the Australian nursery industry for over 20 years. He is
widely recognised as an industry leader in advancing nursery product safety and a passionate advocate for
injury prevention.


He is currently a member of Standards Australia committees involving children’s furniture, prams and
baby dummies.


Tim is a co-author of the Product Safety Framework which was first published as a handbook by Standards
Australia in 2007. He also co-authored the Standards Australia handbook that provides a detailed
methodology for the safe use of bunk beds in short term accommodation facilities.

Tim previously spent 12 years as the CEO of the Infant & Nursery Products Association where he became a
leading advocate for improving the safe design, sale and use of Australian Nursery products.


He also worked for three years as The Chief of staff for the Pregnancy Babies Children’s Expo, Australia’s
leading baby products exhibition company.

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