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​INPAA is the Infant & Nursery Products Alliance of Australia 

INPAA’s aims are to lead the safe supply and use of infant products and to advance knowledge through injury prevention advocacy. It does this by providing leadership in the development and expansion of safety standards and by educating industry on how to supply safe products.

INPAA educates and informs parents so that they can choose a safe product for their child and then to ensure it’s used
safely with their baby (rather than having to learn from tragic events when it’s too late).
Collaboration is at the heart of the INPAA.


How did INPAA begin?

INPAA is a privately operated organisation that was launched after the closure of the Infant & Nursery Products Association of Australia left a gap in baby product safety.

The original INPAA was an industry initiative that was started in 1995 by companies within the nursery industry who were passionate about improving safety standards for baby and infant products. However, as an industry-only body the Association was narrow in its representation and mainly supported by the industry’s hard goods such as prams and nursery furniture. 



The new Alliance’s aim is to make infant and nursery products safer from the start rather than dealing with the consequences of unsafe products that have made it to market.

The Alliance was created to enable key players, who were not just product manufacturers, to work together to educate and inform parents and caregivers about infant and nursery product safety.

Tim Wain, who has spearheaded the development of new safety standards in Australia, established the new Alliance in 2018. He has been passionate about ensuring babies’ safety for many years after seeing coroners’ reports and having seen the real-life results of dangerous products and how they could have been preventable injuries. Tim saw that there was a big opportunity to improve safety, as a parent he had unintentionally used unsafe products and with the possibility of grandchildren he wanted to create something to ensure others didn’t do the same.

The focus from the start was to bring everyone who had an impact on baby product safety to the same table to advocate safety for babies and infants. The Alliance is not just about supplying products it also proactively develops safety standards, works with regulatory authorities, international affiliates, and industry members to improve infant safety. 

INPAA’s powers 

INPAA is an advocacy body and advocates to all sectors of the supply chain – educating the product supply chain and encouraging safety from start to finish. The aim is to reduce injuries and help manufacturers self-regulate themselves. INPAA works with baby and infant product manufacturers who are self-motivated to create safe products and have an overview as a country not just at a local level. 

INPAA encourages discussions of safety issues and creates solutions. It helps retailers to understand what safety means and so they can interrogate suppliers about their safety standards with an educated and informed perspective. The Alliance is outside of the government remit and so it can be apolitical and stay constant rather than changing with the latest fad.

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