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Baby Safety Program

INPAA established the Baby Safety Program as a guide for consumers to consider their products, needs and usage. The program also assists suppliers on the application of safety standards.

The program consists of three integrated components:

  • Standards Development

  • Consumer Education

  • Accreditation and product approval


These components interact with each other. The standards development focuses on product design and the education component is designed to encourage safe use of products.


Through this element of the Baby Safety program, INPAA aims to develop and promote effective safety standards and a transparent compliance program within the industry. This will help to strengthen the supply chain and risk management processes of its subscribers. The Baby Safety Program was conceived to instil best practice in the standards of safety that consumers justifiably expect when purchasing infant and baby products.


Significant components of program for industry

  • Establishing best practice in regards to product and safety standards

  • Integrating risk management at all levels-design, supply and sale

  • Educating industry on technical developments and latest safety standards

  • Incorporating this knowledge into the supply chain


If you are a business and would like to participate in the Baby Safety Program, please contact INPAA.

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