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INPAA provides information which is designed to identify risks associated with infant products.  We aim to provide ideas on how to purchase and use products safely.


Not all infant products have mandatory safety standards, however, INPAA believes that all nursery products should at least comply with a general hazard management approach. Where there are no mandatory regulations, INPAA provides guidance on how to make products safe.

INPAA is committed to the promotion of infant safety. INPAA works closely with regulatory authorities, international affiliates and industry members to improve infant safety through the development of national product safety standards.


INPAA is a member of Standards Australia Committees that develop safety standards for nursery products.

INPAA's primary focus is to establish safety standards, injury prevention strategies and forums to promote the safe purchase and use of nursery products. The technical work undertaken by INPAA is carried out by the Product Integrity & Consumer Safety Group (PICS), a unique entity comprising the industry's leading technical experts.


For advice on implementing safety standards in product development, please contact us.

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