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Join us at the INPAA Summit 2022

Safety is just the beginning


INPAA is pleased to invite you to our Industry Summit as part of Baby Safety Month.


The face-to-face event will see Tim Wain from INPAA and Lisa Trofe from JPMA, USA engage in a live fireside chat. Uncovering the latest developments in USA nursery product safety, the USA regulatory space and opportunities for collaboration between the Australian and USA baby product industries.


Local experts and solution providers will share insights on improving consumer understanding of infant nursery product safety and enhancing your brand trust through quality control and technology. 


A timely case study will be presented on the necessity of product safety as a core value for your brand integrity. 


And that’s just the beginning! 


Early Bird tickets Now Open (closing 01 November 2022)


Networking and refreshments will be available. Please feel free to share this event with your colleagues.

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