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Important Information: CHOICE Pram Testing

Important Safety Announcement

Recent media coverage of CHOICE Pram testing has stated that a number of prams and strollers have failed safety tests. This testing was carried out by CHOICE and makes interpretations of safety requirements that are disputed by the Australian Nursery Industry and a number of International Test Houses such as Intertek, SGS and Bureau Veritas.

The Australian Regulators are not implementing any recall action as products are considered safe and compliant to the mandatory safety requirements. In addition, suppliers also have had products tested to the latest voluntary safety standard for Prams and have certificates of compliance stating that they pass this latest standard.

The nursery industry disagrees with the Choice test results and the industry is concerned at the unnecessary alarm caused to consumers by these reports.

The current voluntary Australian safety standard for Prams is one of the most stringent international standards and the Australian Nursery Industry is actively involved in maintaining best practice in pram safety. We do not believe that consumers are at risk using these prams.

Most injuries involving prams are when the pram is not used correctly, harnesses are not applied or with older style prams that are sold through the secondhand and hand me down market where the latest safety standards are not met.

Consumers should continue to feel confident that if they purchase a new pram that meets the latest safety requirements and then use the pram in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, they will enjoy using prams safely.

Some key points to improve safe use of prams are:

  • Secure the child in the harness at all times.

  • Make sure brakes are applied when the pram is stationery.

  • Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Keep the pram well maintained.

  • Do NOT leave children unattended.

  • For prams with a bassinet, never exceed the maximum weight and do not use a bassinet once the child can sit up unaided.

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